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Clint attention to customer service and extensive network which has taken years to build makes him stand out amongst the best of real estate agents. This means you get access to more properties due to leveraging the resources of RE/MAX Equity group, the most productive real estate firm in Portland. In addition, Clint is a long time member of a network group that is comprised of top agents from multiple real estate companies that meet bi-weekly to discuss listings and buyer needs.

Avoid the painful buyer’s remorse of settling on a property. Which property is about to drop in
price? What deals are about to hit the market? Clint uses his knowledge and experience to position you
for the purchase you actually want.

Clint operates his business under the recognizable umbrella of RE/MAX, however, he is an independent contractor running his business within RE/MAX Equity Group. Clint's office is located in Hillsboro across from Costco, just east of the Hillsboro airport. You will find a professional atmosphere from a full secretarial staff to conference rooms available.

It is important to RE/MAX Equity Group and Clint to make certain that a professional environment is provided to conduct one of the largest financial decisions you will make.


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